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Uplifting Gratitude Walk

With simple intention, one can feel and share gratitude for all the plant life in this world and, at the same time, feel tremendously uplifted by the experience!

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Uplifting Gratitude Walk

While on a walk, years ago, I had an epiphany! I was, perhaps, melancholy or neutral, emotionally. I was likely being introspective. I'm not sure what inspired the insight. I recognize it was likely spiritually guided. It was definitely an intuitive process.

While walking along a paved path, I was suddenly inspired to be grateful for a tree I was passing. In my mind, heart, and soul, I thanked the tree for being there: for cleaning our air and giving us oxygen. Then, I thanked the next tree and the next, and so on. Then, not wanting to leave out other plants, I thanked, the bushes, then the grasses, etc. I then thanked the distant trees. I looked back along the path that I had just walked along and thanked those trees and other plants that I had not thanked yet. Once I started doing this, I felt very uplifted! I felt GREAT! I felt high on the positive energy from the experience. It was as though the plants were grateful for being acknowledged and thanked me back, sending their energy to me! It was wonderful! In the years since I started doing this, whenever I have thought to acknowledge and be grateful for the plant kingdom, I have felt uplifted and energized!

I may not do this every time I am outdoors for a walk, but when I do, I always feel a lift in my spirit!

Because I have experienced a noticeable lift during these "Gratitude Walks", I wanted to share this process with others. I'm sure there are many people in the world who do this naturally. Hopefully, this web page will inspire others to give it a try. We are all here together on Mother Earth, sharing this spaceship Earth as we travel through space. The more we feel connected to each other and all Earth's inhabitants, the easier it becomes to make the best decisions for all!

The process is very simple! As you are in nature, whether walking or sitting, etc., look at a tree, other type of plant, or a group of plants and feel gratitude for all they do for you and all of us. You can say affirming statements of gratitude in your mind, heart, and soul or you can use a simple "Thank you!" You can say it internally (as I do) or you can speak it out loud. You can do this as you look from plant-to-plant. You can look at individual plants or entire forests! You can visualize all the plant life in an entire state, province, country, or continent, or even the entire planet and share your gratitude! Share some gratitude with Mother Earth herself! You can even give the trees a hug (in your mind's eye or in "real" life) or run your fingers along a plant's leaves as you walk by, sharing some physical contact with them.

Because it is possible to visualize the plant life, one does not have to actually be in nature to do this. Onc can share this gratitude from anywhere, so if you don't have access to nature, you can still use this process! Consider also taking an Uplifting Gratitude Bike Ride!

Things to be grateful to the plants for:

  • Cleaning our air!
  • Giving us life-giving oxygen!
  • Holding our soil together!
  • Nourishing our soil with their fallen leaves and branches!
  • Giving us the most amazing scents, especially with such a wide variety of flowers and blossoms!
  • Giving us wonderful shade from the hot sun!
  • Giving us amazing beauty and colors all over the planet!
Yellow flowers

Give it a try! Let us know how you liked it!


London tree, flowers, and bench


Baby plant in Mayan ruins

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