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Why are people gay, lesbian, transgender, and transexual?

Might there be an underlying reason why people are the way they are? With the highly publicized story of Bruce Jenner and his transition to becoming his authentic self, a woman (Caitlyn Jenner), more attention is being put on transgender people. Perhaps this article offers some insight as to "why".

First some basics:

I believe I am here for a reason. I believe I have a mission (or many) in life, as well as lessons to learn. Life is a classroom!

There are allegedly over seven billion people on this planet and no two are exactly alike. Even "identical twins" are different. They have different personalities, opinions, and sense of humors, etc.

It makes sense that, since we are all different, I cannot expect other people to be like me. I certainly am in no position to judge them. I recognize that, similarly, no one else is in a position to judge me or others. Many people are spiritual and/or religious and believe that a higher power judges one's character. Humans are clearly not in a position to fully understand an individual and his/her character, as well as his/her mission in life and lessons to learn, etc., in order to pass judgement.

Now, why are people gay or lesbian, or even bisexual for that matter? People often get caught up in the small picture. They see things from their own perception, from their own eyes; from this one lifetime. Yes, from this one lifetime. That's a hint as to why people may not be straight or why they may be different from us in other ways.

From this one lifetime, we are able to see one lifetime. We may be taught by peers, schools, churches, or science that we have this one lifetime. There is some truth in that. Yes, we do have this lifetime. That does not mean that we do not have other lifetimes.

Some people believe that "man" lives once and then is judged. Man does live once and I belive is then judged. But, remember, "man" is a living breathing physical being. However, the "man" is not the soul. Man, the living animal dies, then the soul is judged. The man has died, but the soul moves on.

Many religions and cultures understand and teach reincarnation. Many of the world's major religions teach reincarnation. Even the Bible has references that may suggest reincarnation. Many Christians believe in reincarnation regardless of what their churches teach.

Reincarnation has been around for a long time. Some believe we must go through 1000 lifetimes in order to reach an enlightened state and not have to return to Earthly incarnations. While many may believe in reincarnation into other animals, as well as other forms of non-animal life, I believe in human-to-human incarnation and will focus on that.

Reincarnation is the ultimate balancing tool. We can spend one life as a poor person and one as a rich one. We can spend one in a hateful family and one in a loving one; one in a touchy-feely family, one in a distant, non-intimate one. We can spend one life as Hindu, one as Jewish, one as Christian, and one as an indigionous person. We could spend lives as French-speaking, English, German, Japanese, Native American, and any of a number of other languages. We can live lives as African or European, etc. Over many lifetimes we could be every color of the spectrum of humans, as well as live within every religion, and experience speaking every language. We can live lives as male, as well as female.

If we, hypothetically, were actually to live 1,000 lives, then I'm sure we would spend a lot of lives as male and many as female, perhaps close to half each. But, what happens when we don't alternate our gender lives and actually live many lifetimes in a row in one gender?

They say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks! I suspect that is a reason for reincarnation. We are here to learn. We may pick up habits and tendencies, etc. during a lifetime, which can bias us and may prevent us from learning everything we can. Reincarnation is the great reset! We take on a new identity. We relearn how to live, but in a new location and with a new family, religion, and language, etc. Even though the slate may seem to be wiped clean, I believe we carry many subconscious things forward. Many basics likely stay with us, especially if we have experienced them in lifetime after lifetime.

In one lifetime a soul could experience living as a man. What if that soul spent another life as a man? Perhaps he carries with him much of what he learned in the previous lifetime. What if he came back as a man in even another lifetime and another? It seems likely to me that he would be deeply practiced in being a man. He understands masculinity and the male body. He loves women and has a strong attraction to them, as he has for many lifetimes. What happens now, when, in "his" new lifetime he reincarnates as a female? It's just another lifetime: "he" feels masculine and loves women. He is naturally attracted to women. He was born this way, but "society" doesn't seem to accept him.

Similarly, a soul could experience many lifetimes in a row as a woman. She could be very feminine and have a strong attraction to men. She fully embraces life as a woman. Suddenly, in the next lifetime she is in a male body. "She" still identifies as female and still has a strong attraction to men. This is how she was born and is natural to her, but many are not comfortable with her "lifestyle". In a related issue, this may also help explain why people identify as a gender that does not match their physical gender.

This is part of the "big picture" to me. I may be in absolutely no position to see the ultimate "big picture", but I can certainly see (at least perceive) outside this life. I may be physically attached to this life at this moment, but I recognize there is a much bigger picture, much of which may be more than I can comprehend. At least by stepping outside the box of this life (and its thinking) I can gain insight into this life and the bigger picture. I suggest that we are here to learn and part of this learning is to experience diversity of life through various cultures, religions, languages, nationalities, and genders. This is a tremendous and amazing opportunity! Please: let's not get caught up in the lifetimes of others. At least not in a "negative" way. We can learn from each other and be inspired by each other's lifetime. Everyone has the capacity to love and to be in love. If, as a result of their series of lives, they happen to be in love with someone of the same physical gender, then that is great! This world certainly needs more love. "Gays" and "lesbians" are born into their lives. Spend any time talking to them or learning about them and you'll find a common thread: they are born that way. Many do not understand this piece. Hopefully, the bigger picture, including reincarnation, can help people to understand why people say they are born that way. I suggest it's because they were that way before they were born, perhaps LONG before they were born. I further suggest that this world does need more love. It also needs us focussing on things far more important that what others may or may not be doing in their relationships. So, consider supporting others to live their lives in the best way they can and let them support you in your life! If we support each other in our lives and offer a step up instead of trying to knock each other down, we would be in such a better space and would accomplish so much more in life.

So, does this explain why people are gay or lesbian? It certainly makes sense to me. If nothing else, it offers another insight into why things might be!

This article introduces the idea that multiple past lives may impact one's current life in terms of sexuality. This can also be true of gender and other things, even race and religion. People may identify with groups that others would not suspect. While my examples refer to multiple lifetimes as the same gender, what if it was only one lifetime, but the person was especially attached to and passionate about his/her gender or sexuality. I recognize that a person could carry the tendency of the sexuality forward, but not the gender. The same could also be said for the opposite: being attached to the gender, but not the sexuality. Whatever the "big picture" may be, please keep an open mind in what that may be!

Thanks for reading!


Jeff Rogers


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