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How to remember your dreams

How to Remember Your Dreams | Remembering Dreams | Dream-Work Affirmations | Dream Affirmations
(Remembering Your Dreams, Improving Dream Recall)

Understanding our dreams is a very important ability. It helps us to more fully understand what is going on in our life. It helps us to confirm the lessons we are learning and those we need to learn. In our dreams are symbols with messages relating to our life. When we look seriously at our dreams we see what we must work on. The lessons most important to our lives are staring us in the face. We have the gift of this guidance in the form of a private 3-dimensional movie. The key is to remember those dreams lovingly given to us during our sleep.

The following is a tool I learned years ago to assist me in recalling my own dreams. It helped me, now I am sharing it with you. Find a place to sit comfortably. Allow yourself to be very comfortable, while still remaining awake and alert. Gently close your eyes. Take several slow deep breaths in through your nose, hold them for a moment, then exhale through your mouth, allowing all stresses to leave with them. Allow yourself to sink into a deep relaxation. Feel yourself sitting in a comfortable chair, in the middle of a room. Ahead of you is a large dry erase board. At the bottom of the board in the tray are several markers, and an eraser. Get up from your chair and approach the board. Pick up one of the markers. You will now write the following sentences. As you write them, really feel, and believe, the words you write. Feel it with passion. Once you have written a sentence, go back to the beginning of the sentence and read the sentence again with a great deal of passion, underlining each word as you read it. Then continue on to the next sentence. Here are the sentences:


Walk back to your chair and turn around. Look at the board again, and read, with as much passion and belief as you can, the four sentences. Then have a seat in your chair and close your eyes, allowing yourself to return to the third dimension, knowing everything you have affirmed will happen. Take some deep breaths and open your eyes.

These four affirmations are the ones I was originally taught. I have had good luck using these affirmations, as have others. I normally suggest avoiding affirmations which are future tense, such as I want or I will. I usually suggest using affirmations in present or past tense, such as “I am”, or “I have”, as though they have already occurred. I created some additionsl dream affirmations in this style. So, if you prefer using present tense affirmations, try these:


Do what is comfortable to you (as long as it works). If you so choose, just use the last two affirmations. Or you may choose to use the first four or all of them. This is a wonderful tool. It sends a strong message to your subconscious, super-conscious and your guidance. Feel free to use this tool with any affirmations important to your growth. When using the first four affirmations, when you have had success with one dream a night, you may change the word DREAM to DREAMS (plural). Here are some additional affirmations I created, which you may decide to use for dream work:




Here are some additional comments on affirmations. I recommend avoiding all negatives, such as: not, don't, and can't, etc. The mind does not process a negative. It focuses on the actual subject. For example: instead of "I am not overweight" (the mind perceives "I am overweight") say "I am slender and in wonderful shape." Or instead of "I do not smoke" say "I only breathe clean fresh air into my lungs."

Again, when using the affirmations say them passionately. Use all your senses. Try to feel, taste, smell, hear, and see yourself as though the affirmation has come true. In the case of the dreams, imagine yourself waking up remembering every vivid detail of the dream. Feel the excitement of remembering this beautiful dream full of messages. See the sights of the dream, the colors, the vivid details of everything within the dream. Smell all the scents in the dream, from fresh flowers to cooking foods. Taste some of the food. Hear the sounds within the dream. Touch the objects in the dream. Especially important: feel as much emotion as you can with your affirmation. Feel the anticipation ending, being replaced with happiness, excitement and the feeling of success. The more you feel and know your affirmation to be true, the better the success.

Another important tool: The Dream Log

Get a notebook to put next to your bed. Title it: "My Dream Log" or similar. Personalize it with your name if you like, such as “Jeff’s Dream Log”. Record 3 (or more) dreams you can remember from the past, even if you can only recall dreams from your early childhood. Write down as much detail as you can about the dreams. If you only remember one, write about that one. If you only remember pieces, write about those pieces. In your writing include sights (be sure to include colors and textures), smells, sounds, tastes and touch. As you write about the dreams, really feel the dreams. Feel excited about the dreams and about recalling the dreams. And again imagine yourself waking up with vivid memories of your dreams. You may also write your affirmations in your log, if you wish. Place your log next to your bed where you can easily reach it. During the night and in the morning record all details you can remember of your dreams.

Please use these tools to assist you in your dream work, as well as in other aspects of your life. Set yourself up for success.

Jeff Rogers


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